Lorna Godfrey Shield

Each year the Club has a perpetual trophy to congratulate the team with the highest percentage at the end of the Minor Round. This award is highly sought after by all the teams. As part of this award, the team details will be engraved on the shield and each player of that team will receive a medal acknowledging their achievement.

winners of the Shield:

2011 Under 11 Div 2

2012 Under 8 Div 1

L Buckley
A Butterfield
C Dinning
I Evans

Coach – J Formston 74.2%

K Formston
M Karpluk
M Pearce
K O’Connor

G Davis
E Entwistle
S Smith
M Hodges
L Massey
Coach – R Field 77.59%

C Field
D Bacasetas
T Dawkins
P Lambert

2013 G1 Maroon 9 & Under

2014 Under 8 Div 1

Z Benedictson
G Davis
T Dawkins
M Hodges

C James

Coach – L James 80.57%

P Lambert
L Massey
T Richards
E Richter

I Benedictson
M Blackman
A Burdett
R Burgess
K D’Aloia

Coach – J Karpluk 79.46%

C Hodges
C Karpluk
E Mittiga
Z Niemann

2015 Under 9 Div 1

2016 Under 9 Div 1

I Benedictson
M Blackman
A Burdett
R Burgess
A Hochuli

Coach – B Benedictson 75.36%

C Hodges
T James
Z Niemann
A Saraceno

A Bubner
M Entwistle
E Godlevsky
M Hawke
C Hodges

Coach – K Bubner 67.64%

E O’Shea
T Schmerl
L Sheffield
A Siebum

2017 Under 11 Div 1
2018 Under 8 Div 1
A Burbett
A Parisi
C Hodges
I Benedictson
J Cooper

Coach -Lisa James 81.86%

R Burgess
T James
T Cavallaro
Z Niemann

J Burgess
A Fleer
E Girardi
L Jenkinson
S Mitchell

Coach -Brett Girardi 72.67%

C Moore
A Robinson
L Smith
A White

1998 A1 Team
1997 A1 Team
E Petherick
R Tschirpig
J Svetlichny
C Giles
H Flynn
A Milne
R Saul
M Rodrow
D Smith
(no percentage noted)
J Moriarty
S Nykiel
D Smith
J Kannane
C Giles
R Tschirpig

J Dingwall
T Carey
G Reed
R Wren
R Ash
E Petherick
1996 E3 Gold 1995 C2 Gold
A Mathieson
K Niethke
K Burkandt
M Hendy
N Diassinas

S Adams
K Hubber
K McDonnell
A Burke
K O'Connell
K Reynolds
B Zeuner
N Hurrell
N Glasson

L Janssen, D Sidiropoulos
C Dunstan
L J Mullen
1994 D4 Navy1993 F1 U/11
S Daly
J Stratton
Z De Favari
E Tredrea
L Gackle
J Tredrea
S Lanc
T Zeuner
S Lane
L Tredrea
Z De Favari
J Tredrea
N Haigh

S Daly
T Zeuner
N Wallace
E Bowler
1986 C Team1985 B Team
J Sibley
K Stoddard
T Nurk
N Berry

J England
T Braun
M Pocock
K Watson
J Mullins
D Scholes
J Bennier
E Barnes
C Carlier
L Story
V Bruce
K Bruce
K Paull
1984 C Team
C Carlier
L Barnes
K Bruce
N Dann
V Bruce
V Degenhardt
K Mauger
J Borgman


This award is presented in honour of Life Member, Mr Kevin Beare OAM, for the Fairest and Most Brilliant player in the A2 grade (winter competition). The two umpires for each A2 match independently submit a vote for their choice (1st, 2nd and 3rd). The votes are counted and the award is presented at the Annual Awards Dinner.


2018 - Emma Cassidy

2016 - Emma Cassidy

2015 - Gemma Rowe

2001 - Laura James


This award is presented in the Winter season in honour of Life Member, Mrs Eileen Saxby, to the team who scores the highest goal average in matches played. There are two awards, one for matches played on Association Courts and one for matches played on Suburban Courts.


2017 Under 11 Div 1, coached by Lisa James